Our online Sunday Service streams at 9:30am on our YouTube Channel!
In-Person Services are Sundays at 9:30am and 11:00am, registration required here.

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Sunday Morning live-stream – 9:30am

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the Sunday livestream at 9:30am.


In-person services 9:30am and 11:00am

Registration required in-person services. Register here.




We encourage those who fall into the following categories to join our live stream service rather than our in-person services: 

Who would we encourage to consider refraining from live services and instead join us online? 

  • Those over 65
  • Those with pre-existing conditions that could be aggravated by COVID-19 (including diabetes, heart issues, etc. see full list here
  • Those who have compromised immune systems
  • Those infants under 1 year of age

Additionally, we ask that anyone exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 72hrs before church not attend:

Last, anyone who has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 should not attend for two weeks after the exposure. 

What safety procedures are in place? 

We are committed to fulfilling any legal requirements for churches from the city, state, or national governments. Additionally, our goal is to meet or exceed the current state and national recommendations for churches. 

Will the church require social distancing? 

While we want to gather together, we understand that during this time social distancing can help protect others and reduce the spread of the virus. Attenders will be seated a minimum of three seats or six feet apart from each other. (Though members of the same household will be seated together.) Our Welcome Team will also be helping maintain social distancing procedures in the church building. 

Are masks encouraged or required? 

We currently require church volunteers and church attenders to wear masks, under MN Face Covering Requirements under Executive Order 20-81. This is in compliance with the current city order and the recommendations of national and state officials. We know that Christians may in good conscience disagree on this issue but we encourage our church family toward this in order to create an environment where the greatest number of people can feel safe and comfortable while attending services. 


How will the building be sanitized before or between services? 

Our church building will be sanitized with CDC approved cleaning agents before and between services. This will include sanitizing chairs, bathrooms, and other surfaces.  

In addition to this we’ve taken the step of eliminating as many common touch surfaces as possible (such as church bulletins, cards, etc.). These will be replaced by digital information and signups at crossgrace.org 


What do I need to know before coming to a service? 

We’re excited to see you! Take note of the following before heading to a Sunday service

  • Please make sure you have not exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19 or been exposed. See above section. 
  • To cut down on the number of people using bathrooms at church, consider using the restroom before heading out the door. 


How long will the service last? 

Currently, our services are one hour. We’ve shortened services from our normal 90 minutes in order to make them more family-friendly and enable more thorough cleaning procedures between services.  

What can I expect in the service? 

Our adjusted liturgy for most services will include:

  • Call to Worship & Scripture Reading
  • Songs of Worship
  • Prayer
  • Church Updates
  • Sermon
  • Benediction & Scripture Reading

Will we sing during our services? 

We understand that there is a possible risk that singing loudly can spread the virus, but we also do see strong Scriptural encouragement to sing and believe this must remain part of our services. We are taking the following actions to reduce risk: enforcing social distancing, encouraging the use of masks, and limiting the number of songs sung together. 


How will we exit the building? 

We hate to see you go! To help everyone exit the church while maintaining social distancing we’ll lead in an exit process to encourage people to give one another space as they leave. 


Are our normal kids ministry classes running?

We offer limited classes on Sundays which include Nursery and Toddler for our 9:30am service. You can view our Covid Quick Reference here. Our goal is to restart other aged classes later in the near future.

Online registration is necessary for your child(ren) prior to Sunday morning service. In order to allow ample time for the volunteers to prepare, registration must be done prior to Saturday evening at 7:00pm. (Registration will close Saturdays at 7:00pm). 

Are kids welcome in services? 

Absolutely. We firmly believe that kids should be welcomed in our services, especially during this unique time.

Our one requirement for kids is that parents be able to keep their children with them during the entire service in order to promote safety. 

How can I prepare for bringing my kids to services? 

We recommend parents pack the following for their kids: 

  • Crayons or markers
  • A Bible or Kids Bible 

We also believe this is a wonderful opportunity to talk to your kids in advance about what’s going on in the service and explain things like, “Why do we sing? Why does someone get up and explain the Bible? What can we learn from today about God?” 

Last, we understand this may be new for some kids. Younger kids especially might have questions or get wiggly. That’s totally fine and it’s never a burden or distraction to walk with parents as they help their kids adjust to being in service together.